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All professionals at Escofet Dentistry & Lab maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in Dentistry. Read on to learn more about our staff's experience and training.

Enrique Simon Escofet Caballero

Dental Lab Technician

"Always in My Heart"

    Our beloved father Enrique Simon Escofet Caballero, son of Dr. Francisco Escofet followed in his father's footsteps passionately fabricating high quality dental prosthesis with a never before seen work ethic. After loosing his father at nine months of age, Papi acquired on the job training starting at the age of fifteen. His aunt Edelmira, a dental assistant recommened him for the dental lab entry level position of Dr. Antonio Sanchez de Bergues. Papi would eventually purchase it, Antosan Dental Laboratory. New York's Nobilium headquarters would tour Papi throughout the site searching for the best supplies for both the lab and dentists in Cuba.

    Grateful and appreciative for his first employment as a Cuban exile with North-Dade Dental Lab in Miami, work continued back home after hours with a bunsen burner and a Baldor motor into the wee hours of the morning heat curing acrylic dentures in our kitchen stove. Papi would soon open the very successful M.E.M. Dental Lab with Montes and Muniz emphasizing acrylic and metal removables. In the process of relocating M.E.M. to a brand new location, the lab suffered the loss of Jesus Montes and his proud metal frames. M.E.M. transitioned with Dominguez Dental Lab in Hialeah prior to joining forces with Renaldo "Ray" Rodriguez of Survey Casting Dental Inc. Known for detailed metal framework design and precision attachments, the happy-go-lucky partnership was orchestrated by mutual friend and proud lab technician, Hector Valdes.

    In 2003, Papi transformed M.E.M. Dental Lab into Escofet Dentistry & Lab. Dentists would now deliver and pickup their own cases. Sharing a friendly smile with patients' recently polished dentition, the experience made an outstanding case great. Papi worked three quarters of a century as a Dental Laboratory Technician, seven days a week for thirty five years in the United States of America.


                                "Siempre en Mi Corazon"



 Dr. Enrique de la Caridad Escofet

Dr. Enrique de la Caridad Escofet, who goes by the name of Henry, was born in Ciego de Avila, Camaguey, Cuba. The Escofet - de Oro family immigrated to the United States of America when Dr. Escofet was just eight years old. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and following in his grandfather's footsteps, earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Northwestern University Dental School in Chicago, Illinois from 1990 to 1994.

Practicing Dentistry since July of 1994, Dr. Escofet opened his private practice on November 10th, 1999, coinciding with his parent's 43rd wedding anniversary. His mother, Norma Albertina Ramona de Oro Diego, proudly worked as his first secretary and dental assistant. His father, Enrique Simon Escofet Caballero, was placed in charge of Escofet Lab, and was the Dental Laboratory Technician who worked at Dr. Escofet's dental lab for over fifteen years, putting his seventy five years of collective experience to good use.

Dr. Escofet has an interest in Implantology and has attended numerous continuing education courses throughout the United States, including a three year mini residency in Lake Worth, Florida. With an implementation of technology into his practice, the doctor uses 3-dimensional scans in precision digitally implant guided (DiG) surgery and Invisalign. The goal is to constantly strive for state of the art Dentistry with strong fundamentals and a faith based foundation to build trust. Now, Dr. Escofet continues the proud traditions of his father and carries his love for his late father always in his heart.

Member of: ADA, FDA, SFDDA &
Academy of Osseointegration



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